Anonymous :
Hey there! Your art is so amazing and inspirational! Is it alright if I ask which college you're attending?

Hello! Thanks so much! :)

If possible, could you please send me an ask off anon? I’ll be glad to tell you! :)

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some doodles of BLU spy (+ sniper)

post-movie family time

Could anyone recommend some good films to watch? Any genre is fine! :)

Edit: Thanks, buddies! I really appreciate it. :)

tlm doodle dump

ah here’s your Goodcop for your trade! I’m sorry the photo of it turned out a little wonky„

This is the most adorable Good Cop I’ve ever seen (+ he’s holding the pink suitcase)!!! Thank you, Moop! It’s perfect. :’)

Isn’t there supposed to be a Good Cop?!

Asks under the cut ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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